Transitioning from the lazy days of summer back to the classroom can be a tough transition for even the best student. The return to school can bring about a range of emotions. Each child is different but there are a few steps you can take to ease the back to school jitters.

If your child is displaying anxiety or showing signs of stress about changes at home or in school, talk to your child by asking open-ended questions. This can help your child figure out his/her own feelings. If your child expresses a specific worry, try asking, “What makes you feel that way?”.

A new grade, teacher or school can bring new challenges. Help your child get organized. Make sure to establish a routine. Help your child to be open-minded because change can be a good thing.

A new class of students sometimes means an adjustment. This may mean that your child will have to adapt to a lager group, encourage them to use this opportunity to make new friends. Try to set up play dates or a get-together with new friends before school starts.

If you feel the level of anxiety is extremely high or lasts well past the beginning of the school year, consider seeking outside help.


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