If you are always looking for ways to recycle here is one that you may have never thought of. Don’t throw away your old tennis balls, they can “serve” many new uses.

Here are just a few ways to feel the “love” from those old tennis balls:

1. Bulb Remover

Use half of a ball to remove a warm light bulb from its socket.

How to Safely Cut a Tennis Ball

• Draw a line around the diameter or the place you want to cut.
• For extra stability, secure the tennis ball in a clamp.
• Wearing sturdy work gloves, pierce the ball with an X-Acto knife or a box cutter, then slide with steady pressure. (Dead balls give a bit more and are easier to cut.)

2. Comforter Fluffer

Speed up the drying time of bedding by tossing a couple of tennis balls in the load.

3. Arm Weights

Cut small slits into two balls. Fill with pennies or sand, then seal with tape or superglue.

4. Spa Tool

Roll sore feet over tennis balls for a foot massage.

5. Jar Opener

Conquer stubborn lids by using the rubber lining of a cut ball to aid your grip.

6. Makeshift Safe

Cut a slit in a tennis ball, then place valuables (jewelry, cash, etc.) inside. No one will ever know.

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